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                   Its easy to schedule a Pest Inspection or any of our Pest Control Services. Simply send a brief                               e-mail requestJS_Exterminating@Comcast.netand our courteous and professional office                                      staff will take care of the rest. 
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Home Inspections
  • F.H.A. & V.A. Inspections
  • Convenient appointment times as well as last minute / weekend appointments available if needed.
  • Reports guaranteed next day or same day if needed.
  • Our technicians will explain any findings in detail to both the buyer and seller.
  • A variety of payments available: At Closing, Net 30, on the spot, etc...
  • Pest inspection / treatments discount coupons are offered to you  throughout the year.
  • Specially discounted treatments are available to you for your customers.
  • Fully insured. Licensed by the Pa. Department of Agriculture.
  • All of our technicians are employees of J & S Exterminating Inc. (Not independent contractors).
  • Reports are available to you via e-mail, fax, or direct mail.    
                                                                 Wood Destroying Insects
                                                                        Carpenter Ants    
                                                                        Carpenter Bees
                                                                     Powder Post Beetles
                                                        Facts About Home Pest Inspections
Why is it necessary to have a pest inspection when purchasing a home? Also, what is the pest control               technician actually looking for during the pest inspection? These questions have always been somewhat          puzzling to many homebuyers. The answer to these questions is as follows.
The pest inspector is looking for any or all of the four wood destroying insects (WDI) commonly found in             Pennsylvania. They are termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and powder post beetles.  These                     insects can destroy your property unless they are located and treated properly. The lending institute, the         seller, the buyer and the real estate agent all have a stake in the property and all want the property to be          free of these insects. If the property is infested with any  of the four WDI, a quality pest  control company           can correct the infestation and correct the problem.  If left untreated the property will continue to be                damaged.
Of the four wood destroying insects the one that causes the most damage are termites. Termites cause over   1 billion dollars worth of property damage annually in the United States infesting about one home in every 50   nationwide.
Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, and Powder Post Beetles are not nearly as destructive as termites but            non-the-less they all should always be treated to protect your property from  damage.  In conclusion, when       buying a home you should always get a pest inspection.