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1)  Do termites live in your Home?
No they actually live in a colony under the ground but enter into your home on a regular basis and eat the cellulose in the wood. They then return to the colony and regurgitate to feed the rest of the colony.

2)  Do carpenter ants eat wood ?
No, however they do chew wood and drop it in the form of sawdust. This allows them to make a home for themselves. They prefer to eat dead insects. 

3)  If I had termites in my home and they were treated and eliminated can I get them again ?
Absolutely you can. Once you have had termites you should always have your home inspected annually or maintain a termite baiting system.   
4)  Are carpenter bees destructive to your home.
Yes, carpenter bees will drill a perfectly round hole in your home's exterior wood siding enter and then lay eggs.  As a result woodpeckers will peck at the wood to get to the eggs, consequently destroying your home's wood siding.