J & S Exterminating Inc
& Lawn Care Services
Termite and Pest Control Specialists
Family Owned and Operated.

                                                    *   J & S Exterminating Inc is a family owned and operated Pest Control Company with                                                                many years of experience serving Residential, Commercial, and Real Estate Customers. 
                                                    *   We specialize and pride ourselves on Honesty, Quality, and Professionalism.                                                           These traits are what we believe sets us apart from other Pest Control                                                                            Companies.

                                                        Honesty: We operate our business with integrity, truthfulness, and sincerity                                                                                  at all times.

                                                        Quality:   We always strive to satisfy the requirements of our customers by                                                                                     applying the proper analysis and solutions to their pest control                                                                                         problems.
                                                       Professionalism: Our Pest Control Business will always follow a very high                                                                                  ethical standard of  responsibility and reliability when dealing with                                                                                  our customers and business partners.

                                                    *   Our well trained and educated technicians will always strive to find the best possible                                                                solution for your pest control needs.

                                                    *   Our Courteous office staff is always ready to assist you when you call.

                                                    *   We offer year-round service and we are fully insured.

                                                    *   We are also licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

                                                    *   All off our technicians are employees not sub-contractors.

                                                                 Call today for a free Home evaluation

                                                        724-832-7700 or 1-888-221-6565

     Protect Your Home  From  Wood Destroying  Insects
J & S Exterminating uses products that are approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture for the safety of the environment that we all live in.

                     Keep America Beautiful.